New season in Volzhsky
New season in Volzhsky
New production season on our factory has started from fresh vegetables. One of first farmers about to get fresh gherkins. Fields of gerkins locate close to the plant. Therefore, the time between the collection of raw materials and the beginning of its processing is minimal, tha guarantees high quality of products.
Our Bestseller is barrel pickled gerkins in brine, having a sourish-salty taste characteristic of barrel home-made pickles and a product-specific density. The produc is made from fresh gherkins by natural fermentation and fermentation without any preservatives. The product contains salt, horseradish root, mustard seeds, garlic, and also not acetic, but lactic acid. Gerkins "SKATERT—SAMOBRANKA" are produced in glass jars of 720 and 950 ml, a lid with a red rim.
Barrel Pickled GHERKINS in brine- traditionally flavored crunchy gherkins: salt, various spices, a little sugar and vinegar. Dill and garlic make the product look like homemade dish.
Pckled GHERKINS “SKATERT—SAMOBRANKA in acid are produced in glass jars of 720, 1415,1800,3000 ml, a lid with a gold rim. For buyers of HoReCa products are manufactured in cans of 3100 and 4250 ml.


Gherkins “SKATERT—SAMOBRANKA are widely represented in federal and regional chain-stores and deservedly have been in high demand for many years.

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