Zucchini spread SKATERT-SAMOBRANKA - the winner in the
Zucchini spread SKATERT-SAMOBRANKA - the winner in the "Natural Selection" broadcast.

Zucchini spread SKATERT-SAMOBRANKA became the winner in the popular program "Natural Selection" on the TVC channel. Such famous brands as Bonduelle, Diadja Vanya, Veres, Pikanta took part in the program.

With strong competition, the good taste of the spread SKATERT-SAMOBRANKA was appreciated by both the national jury and the guests of the program. But most importantly, an independent laboratory examination of RusQuality determined that, among the presented brands, only the Zucchini spread SKATERT-SAMOBRANKA does not contain nitrates and strictly complies with the basic quality parameters. Therefore, our sample was the only one that passed the laboratory examination. We won!


Ссылка на телепередачу: http://www.tvc.ru/channel/brand/id/2723/show/episodes/episode_id/55099

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