Mexican cuisine: quesadilla from chef Mark Okun and pepper
Mexican cuisine: quesadilla from chef Mark Okun and pepper "SKATERT-SAMOBRANKA"
For the program "Kitchen Attendant" (TV channel "Food"), chef and nutritionist Mark Okun prepared a traditional quesadilla stuffed with chicken and jalapeno hot pepper, as well as canned hot pepper, so it does not need to be additionally soaked or processed, but can be immediately added to the dressing.
Mark Okun notes that for quesadillas there is no strict recipe for the number of grams of each ingredient, you need to be guided by your taste.
Ingredients: "Quesadilla with chicken and hot jalapeno pepper:
• Chicken fillet – 500 gr.
• Canned jalapeno pepper "SKATERT-SAMOBRANKA"  - about 100 g (according to your taste)
• Onion – 1 piece
• Garlic – 3-4 pieces
• Tomato paste – 4 tablespoons
• Spices: cumin, sweet paprika, salt, sugar (according to your taste)
• Guacamole sauce (you can buy ready-made or cook separately (avocado, chili pepper, lemon juice)
• Tomato salsa: onions, coriander, fresh tomatoes, tobasco
• Olive oil for frying
• Wheat or corn tortillas – 2 pcs.
To prepare the author's green salad "Autumn", chef Mark Okun invited Alexander Belokhvostikov, a researcher of cuisine and gastronomy traditions, who shared interesting secrets from Mexican cuisine, and also told what futurist cuisine is.
Ingredients of the green salad "Autumn":
• Celery
• Fresh leaves of greenery. It can be a mix, spinach, arugula, etc.
• Green Apple
• Green grapes
• Walnuts
• For dressing: apple cider vinegar, honey, lemon juice
• Pickled cucumbers"SKATERT-SAMOBRANKA"
For a detailed method and preparation of quesadillas and green salad from chefs, see the video instruction on the TV channel "Food".

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